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small abstract paintings envisaged just for you

about albert sandos artist

My name is Alan Sanders, and I produce art under the brand of albert sandos artist. I create small monochromatic abstract oil paintings on Yupo paper.


They are offered on this site in two sizes of Special Edition giclee prints. See prints options page for more details.


I am intrigued by the seemingly ordered natural world despite the infinite complexities of the human condition. These influences are translated into my paintings using a predetermined process that includes building off the random abstract opportunities that naturally transpire.


The use of monochrome hues is integral to my process and this necessitates consideration for extending shades, tones, and tints to attract interest, achieve focus and support legibility. The paintings are consistently on a small scale, and consequently, the subtle shifts in hue, texture and depth invite intimate viewing.


I typically create as a series and this enables several selected paintings to be displayed cohesively together. When displayed together, the intent is that the paintings assert themselves on a larger ordered scale while maintaining the intrinsic uniqueness of the individuals. 

Alan Sanders
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