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small abstract paintings envisaged just for you

display options


  • the print and mount assembly  has been configured for wall mounting.

  • assembly is suited to being displayed individually or in groups as shown below.

  • assembly is also suited to fit directly into a standard 200x250mm (8"x10") frame - not supplied by artist,

  • see mounting and assembly page. 

albert sandos artist
  • each assembly is suited to many different display configurations.

  • recommended spacing between assemblies is about 100mm.

  • consider colour combinations when purchasing.

  • importantly, consider painting series. 

  • choose the display location carefully - taking into account relative humidity and temperature extremes. Importantly locate the artwork away from direct sunlight.

  Enhanced display method

  • use standard 8" X 10" frame & glass 

  • frame & glass not supplied by artist.

  • method will provide necessary protection

  • many retailers stock suitable frames e.g Ikea.

  • need to ensure rear recess depth suits the print assembly.

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